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Let Pilates ease into a healthier lifestyle

Private Session

At 60 pilates has changed my life, I move better and with ease. I believe living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong and fit body. My aim is to help you identify your fitness goals, design a program that fits your needs and guide you through every exercise, every workout. My holistic approach to Pilates method will have you feeling great and seeing results in no time.

1 : 1 Session Online/In Person 60 mins

Private instruction helps individuals gain a deeper understanding how pilates works for you, whether you are brand new to Pilates or a seasoned veteran. We meet In Person or via Zoom. In your initial consultation we discuss what you want to achieve, your general health, training experience and lifestyle and begin with a postural assessment.  

I will track your progress to help you meet your aims to improve mind and body wellbeing.  The sessions provide you with tools for everyday life to keep you strong, physically and mentally,

long after your session.

In person private sessions are held at the Dean Tennis Club.  

To book your private session, In Person, click on Pilates at Dean 1:1

1 : 2  Session 60 mins

Share a focused session with a friend or colleague, whether new to pilates or refreshing practice,

1 : 2 sessions are conducted online via Zoom.

Before your first session we follow a 20 minute postural assessment & health check for both parties - so movement is tailored to both your needs.  Zoom class is progressed as practice develops keeping class stimulating, challenging week by week.

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