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About Fi

Strength in Body & Mind all through life

I discovered Pilates 20 years ago when I began classes to help alleviate little niggles and pains that were beginning to affect my body. Working in a corporate environment,  I became aware that I was letting go and developing weak points which I had never been aware of before.

Since then, Pilates has helped me regain a sense of control of both body and mind and I've experienced first hand exactly how regular Pilates practice can strengthen and re-habilitate the human body. I've never felt stronger ...

In my fifties I wanted to share my experience with others, since I benefited so much from regular practice, I decided to take the plunge and re-train as a full time Pilates instructor.

Although it seemed like a huge commitment, having originally come from a background in dance and ballet it felt like a natural progression to return to the same principles of movement, focusing on the connection between mind and body.

Now that I am in the position to give back, it's wonderful to share the benefits and watch clients become stronger and experience the unique sense of rejuvenation that comes with Pilates. As a teacher I love seeing people fall in love with something I am passionate about too. Working with clients is incredibly rewarding and I take enormous pleasure in my role.

I look forward to meeting you.

Fi X

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