Join weekly Pilates Mat class with Fi Hendry

at the Dean Tennis & Squash Club, Stockbridge.

Club members and non members  welcome - all levels and abilities.

Tuesday 6.15pm 

Saturday 9am

45 mins

Every session is designed to reset, balance body and mind

Improve your posture

Increase flexibility and range of motion

Build your overall body strength

Lower risk of injury

Supports sports performance and daily ease of movement


next block 6 classes

Saturday 9:00 am 

April 30 - June 4

Tuesday 6:15pm 

April 26 - May 31

Block of 6 classes £48 (£8 per class)

Pay as you Go £9 per class


Group Class Online

Group classes online are kept small (max 6 participants), enabling me to provide you with the upmost attention and ensuring you get the ultimate results!

Intimate class sizes are more effective, allowing for a more personal experience where I am able to correct and maintain good form for each individual in class

Every session involves a full body ‘stretch and strengthen’ to help bring your body into alignment, rebalance and create a strong mind-body connection. Each week I add new exercises into your sessions so you are always being challenged both physically and mentally, progressing in every session, ideal for those with some experience in pilates practice.

Start your Pilates journey today. Get ready to feel longer, leaner & stronger!